16 May 2007

Hank, Rhonda and Skip

Hank makes the best waffles.


Desmama said...

I'd hate to see what my nose would look like should you choose to draw it.

(Question of the day: who am I to you?)

GhettoFab said...

now are those " World famous " waffles or just the best?

Great post Nate! I need to visit you sometime and listen to some Dwight

scienceteachermommy said...

I stumbled on to your blog from desmamas. This is really great stuff. I just read an article about a guy named Binky. He is an anonymous British grafitti artist. He has some really crazy stuff that just seems to show up in strange places in England. What have you done for Disney.

Nathan Lindsay said...

we make the video games that go with the 3D feature animations (Chicken Little, Meet The Robinsons, Chicken Little-Ace in Action, and now I'm working on American Dog (coming in 2008).

I get to do just a little bit of concept and design if I ask really nicely and they are really swamped to get things done.

Ken Chandler said...

Skip's the funniest of them all. At least that's what the mirror mirror on the wall told me. Good stuff Nathan!

Off the subject:

Tag! You're it!

Here's the deal, Mel Milton just tagged me and 6 other people (not sure who) and forced us at gun point to draw 7 sketches (topic of our choice) in any medium. Then post them on our site.

Then you have the unbridled pleasure of picking 7 victims (er...) friends to do their 7 sketches, and so on.

Kidding about the gun. Mel just posted a comment.
Have fun with it. I did.

S.T. Lewis said...

Hank, Rhonda, and Skip... they should be a band. I'd go to their concerts, because it's neat to see weird people sing.