30 April 2014

Disney Infinity 2 Announced

Working on Cinematics now for Infinity 2 but got to help a little with marketing. I did this opening shot of Jack, Sully, and Mr. Incredible:

14 February 2014


Nice to find a little Spacetime for drawing...

15 January 2013

Working on Something...

I animated Sully (reacting to the  robot and Mr. Incredible) starting at 0:39  until he runs through the gate at 1:19, and Mike riding on the bicycle from 1:10 to 1:17

26 September 2012

His own Style

I have drawn Nigel many, many times during our animation meetings. Clearly he is getting better looking each time.

07 May 2012

Keystone Kapers

My redesign for the 1983 Atari 2600 game.

17 October 2011

Seeing the Animals

I made this for our family reunion shirt this summer.

18 May 2011

Ready for a song

one finished, unfinished bird. 30 minutes.

25 April 2011

caricature sketches

In-class caricature demos I did for my character design class at the Art Institute. (using photo references-maybe next semester I can get a giraffe, alligator and an old man from Korea to sit for us)

Painting Horses

20 April 2011

Clarinet skull

I am sifting through very old folders today. I did this back in 2007 for a guy.

Piano Lessons Logo

This is a logo I made for a project I worked on several years ago.

25 March 2011


These people have been following me around just waiting to get scanned in.

24 March 2011

I'm busy...He's not

Meetings are important. Things can be accomplished. This sketch is an example of successfully attending a meeting and accomplishing something.

19 February 2010


Toon Club's topic was "Mythology".


Little doodles all living together in complacency and boredom...except that guy with the headband.

07 January 2010

North Pole Hazing

"So for this reindeer game, the ball starts where?"

07 October 2009


now when am I gonna paint all of these?

Smiley Kidanimals

Now hanging in a dentist office, framed separately.

15 September 2009


Animated half of this on the way to work this morning...not driving. Finished it up while eating lunch.

31 August 2009

Nigel Style

I work with Nigel now. I have been missin out. Fantastic animator, great artist, and a stare that would light a pile of leaves on fire.

10 July 2009

Carlos Fins

See Carlos.
See Carlos in a meeting.
See Carlos in a meeting paying attention.
See Carlos not paying attention to Nathan in a meeting.

04 June 2009

Ready, Arm, aDillo

sure, there's a story behind this...but yours is probably better.

05 April 2009


This is Dave. Dave and I own the same shirt. Whenever one of us wears it to work we check to see if the other has his on. In 3 years, it has happened once.

22 February 2009

Cupid's Carbon Arrow

Ah, the arrow of love. I love bow hunting -just like Cupid.

03 February 2009

more silly

The Toon Club topic this week was "dalmatians".

02 February 2009

Where were these?

I just found these in an old folder on my computer. I suppose if I still like them 2 years after drawing them, then they're good enough to put up, eh?

30 October 2008


This is part of one of the cinematics I animated for the Meet The Robinsons video game a couple years ago.

23 October 2008

Henry Eyring

Seemed like a good theme to keep going...

09 October 2008

Thomas Monson

I'm not sure if he has checked out my blog yet...but now he's got a reason.

28 August 2008

22 August 2008

21 August 2008

Rubbed Out

At the height of his villainous career, Xiang pi ca Tou Ren (Eraser Head Man) feared no one...sadly for him, every eraser wears down with time and use -leaving a pencil ninja no room for error.
(Toon Club's topic was )

30 July 2008

Hey, remember pencils?

I was digging through some old folders and found a few 2D animations I did back in school. (no sound for any of them)

28 July 2008

Weird and Silly as it is...

I have been ins-A-A-A-A-nly busy for the last several months, but since I carpool with a few guys I can usually draw while in the car. I love the endless traffic jam of reference every day.

24 July 2008

Jug Band

There were several other members of the band when this drawing started. During the intermission, the leopard ate them all.


This was my take on the Batman theme at Toonclub.


01 May 2008

Cartoon Mouse

I couldn't decide if I was more intrigued that cartoons can walk in place, or that they could be unaware that its happening...Which now makes me wonder if I've ever done that and just not realized.

07 April 2008

Respect our Elders

Weekend drawing exercise: Combine over 100 wise, inspirational, and well-dressed old men into one person.