21 August 2008

Rubbed Out

At the height of his villainous career, Xiang pi ca Tou Ren (Eraser Head Man) feared no one...sadly for him, every eraser wears down with time and use -leaving a pencil ninja no room for error.
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Ken said...


Thats awesome

S.T. Lewis said...

The color you did on this one helped a lot... especially the reflective light off of his "hat" or whatever you'd call that part of a pencil. I didn't see the "pencil" in him in the sketch. It's better now, and I'm smarter. These things have combined to make this piece more impressive than it once was.

craigv said...

This is worth 100 points. It was only going to rate an 8 but the "no room for error" comment easily merited the extra points.

G1toons said...

love this design man it wicked, love the blog by the way