08 October 2007


This was my first time getting caught drawing someone on the highway. I can only imagine she would be pleased with the end result.


GhettoFab said...

what is truly amazing is your ability to draw and drive...a skill that should be learned by all artist

great stuff mr lindsay

S.T. Lewis said...

I like to think you were just a passenger as you drew, but this woman appears to be driving. I hope behind those sunglasses that her eyes are still on the road. Still, based on what I've seen, it must be easier to drive without looking than to drive while on the phone. Man, people on phones are idiots. Also... nice drawing.

Kristen said...

craig and i each got one, and we love them. They were actually at Target, in the toolboxes, etc. section. Happy Hunting!

marco piersma said...

great drawing!
I suppose you were in a trafficjam and held the drawing up for her to see it while your lane just started to move and you had to drive on not knowing if she was pleased with the end result.
And then your phone rang..