06 February 2007

Penguin Pops

Hey Moms! Why not give your little orcas a treat they'll really LOVE!?
(now with new "emperor" flavor)


Aaron Johnston said...

A popsicle stick enema. Ouch. But seriously, nobody can draw a popsicle stick like you. I can even see the grain of the wood. It LOOKS like a popsicle stick. Neat. . . . I mean, gross.

S.T. Lewis said...

You can get arrested for doing this to an actual penguin, even if you claim you thought it was part of your job description... or so I've heard... from distant parties I have no connection to.

I like the colors... that's a fine-lookin' penguin.

Robot-Legionaire said...

This is awesome!!! you have some inspiring work on here I will check back often! Cheers!

Adam Ford said...

Tangents can be a cruel mistress indeed!

Your subtleness has really gotten quite nice recently. Your last two pieces especially!

BTW: please turn off your letter varification.

Nathan Lindsay said...

My 2 year old daughter just looked at this drawing and said: "Hey that's a penguin! and he's got a stick on his bottom. That would really hurt, huh?"

What am I teaching her?