14 November 2006

Though scientists know little about them, the Chennai Squid (first discovered off the coast of Eastern India in 1947 by a computer programmer/fisherman) is a nocturnal creature that feeds on starfish and sea cucumbers. They are harmless to humans. Though most remain within 100 miles from where they were born, some specimens have been known to migrate half way around the world.
Our work challenge was "Creatures of the Deep". "Sandeep" works with me and his only offense to this surprise caricature was that I put a plaid shirt on him -because he would never wear one.


S.T. Lewis said...

You're an odd fellow, Mr. Lindsay. I like it... and by "it," I mean you and this painting.

marcobucci said...

Hahahaha, this is pretty funny, and I don't even have to know who the guy is. Also really like the old man below this post.