06 October 2006

The Lounge Doctor

This is for a freelance job I did. They're selling these specialized leg rests for increased circulation. The character is called "The Lounge Doctor".
It was my first time in the cartoon network style...which, can I complain that a channel that claims to be THE cartoon network -and only shows cartoons that all look the same should be called "The cartoons-that-all-look-the-same channel".


S.T. Lewis said...

Is he just waving "hello," or is this one of those "art of seduction" photos like George got? Either way, he seems quite comfortable... and welcoming. Nice design, sir.

Nathan Lindsay said...

...yeah, the underpants version is a hidden link you have to click on. gross, shane.

Seth Hippen said...

Thank you for putting in words something that I've felt for years now. The Cartoon Network style is exactly what it is! And I see you've conquered it with one fell swoop. Very nice.